A WOTF Artist is the Top Grossing Touring Artist in 2018!

Flashing Back to 2012 Ed ...

December 19, 2018

West of the Fest 2012


I can't believe it's been over 6 years since I met Ed Sheeran. A cute & talented redheaded musician who walked up by himself in the Key Bar on West 6th Street. Well before the time he was playing at the Mix 94.7 West of the Fest 2012. He chatted w/ honey Ted & I for a bit, and was really excited that Mix 94.7 was playing 'A Team'. Ed talked about sleeping on friends' couches and going around to different coffee houses across the pond, playing his songs & music anywhere he could be heard.
When he took the  Key Bar stage, he walked up quietly set up his gear .. guitar... loop pedal. Send hey & started to perform. The crowd got a BIG SURPRISE of full on talent and charm commanding the stage. When Ed took to his loop pedal, it was ON!  He made lots of fans in Austin at WOTF in 2012, and during the SXSW Festival that year. ATX was one of the first places he performed in the United States. Everywhere he played, you would hear.. 'Did you get a chance to catch the redhead.. Ed ... um... Sheer-an?'  From there Ed's Star Power started rising....

Ed Sheeran also got the attention of Taylor Swift who had him as her opener, special guest of the 2013 Red Tour!  It was HUGE! Taylor already having 'Big Country Cred', and gaining even more 'Pop Cred' which also did the same for Ed Sheeran. They have been Besties ever since. Take it to 5 years later, Ed takes the #1 spot from BFF Taylor as becoming the #1 Grossing Touring Artist! Check this out... 

Top-Grossing Touring Artists for 2018.

  1. ED SHEERAN – $432.4 MILLION!!!!
  2. Taylor Swift – $345.1 million
  3. Jay-Z/Beyonce – $254.1 million
  4. Pink – $169.2 million
  5. Bruno Mars – $167.6 million
  6. Eagles – $166 million
  7. Justin Timberlake – $151 million
  8. Roger Waters – $131.3 million
  9. U2 – $126.2 million
  10. The Rolling Stones – $116.6 million

According to Pollstar, BFFs Ed Sheeran & Taylor Swift pulled in a combined $777 million in sale. Making their tours 14% of the overall gross for Top 100 Worldwide Tours.

Ed Sheeran’s Divide tour:

  • Traveled 4 continents
  • 4.8 million tickets soldto fans.  The $400 million-plus gross is a first for a touring artist.
  • Ed also broke U2’s single-year gross record from 2017 of $316 million

Here's a 2012 WOTF Flashback of Ed Sheeran chatting w/ Nikki Nite. (BTW: Nikki's star has also continued to rise during this time.She's Entercom ATX's VP of Programming & more ...    
You Go Girl!) 
From what I hear, Ed hasn't changed much even w/ money & fame. My friend Sheryl mentioned ( n a strong VA drawl) he has 'WILD RED HAIR' in the photo above. Yes, that's part of his appeal.  Although it's a bit more tame w / the millions compared to 2012! It's these and many more reasons why ED SHEERAN STILL ROCKS! May Ed's Star continue to Rise & Shine Bright!