Easy Waffle Tators are Yummy Anytime of the Day

Seriously.. this is yummy easy..

November 8, 2018

honey Ted is the best when it comes to whipping up Breakfast for whenever. Many times it's for Dinner. He discovered a small portion of Hashbrowns in the freezer, so he decided to create Waffle Tators! It was easy, and tasty with a nice crunch. You could make them Dippin' Waffle Tators .. maple syrup, ketchup, cheese.. whatever you enjoy the most!  Big A+++ for honey Ted!!

honey Ted's Waffle Tators:

  • Hash browns  thrawed
  • Seasoning - salt, pepper, garlic powder.. what ever is your favorite.
  • Dippin sauces.. your favs.. syrup, ketchup, cheese.. 

Making the Waffle Tators?

  • Grease the waffle iron lightly.. butter / olive oil.. whatever makes you happy
  • Hashbrowns cover the Waffle iron, or as much as you want. It can be the whole iron, or just a part of it for smaller portions 
  • Favorite seasonings on top ( you could also mix them around in a bowl w/ the Hashbrowns before putting them on the waffle iron
  • Waffle those Tators to the directions of your Waffle iron 
  • Golden brown seems to be a winner for crunchy Waffle Tators w/ out drying them out

Yummy to eat by itself, or small portions with your Waffle.  Waffle Tators w/ your Waffle! It's Double the Yum!