Therapy for Game of Thrones Fans is available after the Finale

Get Your GOTs Feels Out!

May 17, 2019

Photo by PA Images Sipa USA


How will you feel after the #GameofThrones finale? You won't know until it happens. GOTS has been running since 2011. As it's winding down, there are many who aren't happy w/ last week's episode.  A petition is out for a re-shoot of  GOTS8. If this is happening before the finale, Counselling may be needed. Bark is betting there will be a lot of GOTs Feels that need to come out for many GOTs Superfans (CBS Austin)

Counselors via will be available to GOTs fans on Monday 5/20 to help them deal w/ their GOTs Feels and how to deal w/ the loss of the show. Fans can book 30 or 60 minute therapy sessions that will cost $25-$50. Counselors will be up on their GOTs knowledge and be able to guide those who are heartbroken about not having GOTs to watch.  Minus re-run binge watching! Future box set collection... not the same, nothing new!  

Click here to find out more about Bark and how they can help. This is for Reals for the GOTs Feels!