Watch how a Ferrero Rocher inspired the Golden Dome of Decadence

Here's The Golden 8

April 25, 2019

Rubi84 / Getty Images


Inspired by the Ferrero Rocher Hazelnut Chocolate Ball. Gelato Messina in Australia created 'The Golden 8' ! A Giant Ferrero Rocher Dome creation: hazelnut gelato. hazelnut mousse. hazelnut fudge. chocolate coated rice crispies. chantilly cream. caramel sponge. finished with rocher glaze and gold velvet chocolate spray. Would you be into trying this?  Watch how it's created!  I'm not a big hazelnut fan, but if I had a chance, I'd try it. It looks amazing! (more)

Now to work out the online ordering only for shipping & pick up in Australia. The Golden 8 is listed at $105. Serves up to 20 peeps. Good yummy reason to go to Australia?