Get paid $1000 to RV Camp Unplugged

Remember the last time you went 48 hours without checking your phone?

September 1, 2020
by-studio Getty Images

by-studio Getty Images


With COVID-19 making our reality more Wi-Fi / reliant on technology, a company has announced they will pay someone $1000 to go camping  without technology. No phone, internet, iPad , laptop, computer ... anything that keeps you connected through technology. The company Satellite Internet is calling it the Digital Detox Challenge. Get paid to disconnect in an RV for a weekend. RV rentals / sales have become extremely popular during 2020. Pulling two popular thingies apart for a weekend. Can you do it? 

Digital Detox Challenge

Job description: 

1 random winner will get paid $1000 to disconnect from technology for a weekend and camp in an RV at a US national park.

  • Rent the RV that you will be reimbursed 
  • Camp at the National Park of your choice on dates you choose
  • After you get your tank refilled by the digital detox, you'll use a mobile hotspot  / or hit a local gas station / Wi-Fi cafe to share your experience online. Only time you connected. No getting photos for instagram to post during the experience. COMPLETE DISCONNECT AN ENTIRE WEEKEND! 

You'll be paid $400 upfront, and the remaining $600 when your camping adventure is complete. You'll be reimbursed for your RV rental, the hotpspot and food (up to $1000).  You must be 25 years or older, and able to drive legally in any state you travel through. A winner will be drawn at 11:59pm (MDT) on September 23. You must be prepared to accept by September 30, 2020 at 11:59 pm.

Can you remember the last time you haven't checked your phone in 48 hours? Last time you haven't posted photos on Facebook / Instagram/ Twitter about your trip?  Click here for more if you think you can do it!