Get Ready for Dump the Pump Day on Thursday

#DumpthePump #1THING

June 20, 2018

What's #DumpthePumpDay? The American Public Transportation Association, and the public transportation systems across the Nation have a 'Special Day' that encourages us to ride public transportation to get around where we live. This year will be the 13th Annual Dump the Pump Day, that was started ,13 years ago, when gas prices were rising sky high. Looks like that could happen in the near future. It's a perfect day to experience what the Austin area has when it comes to getting you to work and getting around using public transportation. If you're able, try it for one day and go from there. 'Going Public' w/ your travels can help save money, plus it helps cut down the carbon footprint of travelling instead going solo in your car. Try having someone else take the wheel, and get you to where you need to be this Thursday, June 21!  Find out more here!

Here are some Austin options:

Austin Metro Public Transportation has been growing since #DumpthePump started 13 years ago. Who knows what will happen in another 13 years? Let's help with making it ways to help Mama Earth. It's 1THING you can do right now!