Get Ready for Christmas w / this Cool Gift

Countdown to Christmas with Calendar Yummy Fun!

December 5, 2019
ADVENT CALENDAR 24 days of tea to enjoy

Countdown to Christmas Yummy Fun


I got a cool surprise in the mail from my Mom-in-Law Barb. A countdown to Christmas w/ Teas. I'm a big Tea drinker, so this is a lot of FUN. I'm trying teas from other areas around the world I may never try on my own. I think an advent calendar is a really COOL & FUN GIFT for those receiving the it as long as you keep them in mind. She certainly did. I look forward each night to opening a new tea to try with dinner /  dessert. Nice decoration in my kitchen on the frig too. Goes nicely w/ Santa & Krispy Kreme! 

The advent calendar has come a long way since a simple piece of candy / chocolate. Today you can get anything from candy, to beauty products, to food, wine, toys and more. They range in all different prices depending on the theme, and the items inside. Inexpensive to Expensive!  Who cares if it's already into the month of December. That's more areas on the calendar that can be opened to catch up.  Countdown to Christmas, or whenever a surprise treat for a day is wanted. Who says you have to give it to someone ... the countdown fun gift could be for you. Treat yourself to a favorite theme advent calendar. See how it can add a bit more Happy in your day when you get the surprise treat. If you don't care for one of the treats, there is nothing wrong w/ sharing with someone you know would enjoy it! It's a Happy Happy gift idea! 

Here are some of the Best Selling Advent Calendars of 2019:

  1. Lego 'Star Wars' Advent Calendar
  2. Lego City Advent Calendar
  3. Hershey's Kisses Advent Calendar
  4. L'Occitane Advent Calendar
  5. Mars Candy Countdown Calendar

Today show featured 52 Best Christmas Advent Calendars w/ these being Big Favs

  1. L.L. Bean Woodland Advent Calendar
  2. Sugarfina 8 Nights of Lights Hanukkah Candy Tasting Collection
  3. Manvent - The Original Advent Calendar for Men
  4. Barkshop Snack the Halls Advent Calendar  - Rudy's pick
  5. Kurt Adler LED Wooden Advent Calendar

Today Show's Tea & Coffee Advent Calendar Favs
My Mom-in -Law Barb's pick to me came in at #2

  1. Davids Tea 24 Days of Tea Advent Calendar
  2. Palais des Thes Countdown to Christmas Tea Advent Calendar Awesome Pick for (Curious)Tea Lovers - Heather R. 

Palais De Thes 24 Days of Teas Advent
Best 52 Advent Calendar 2019 Pick

Wine & Liquor Advent Calendars

  1. Vinebox 12 Nights of Wine Advent Calendar
  2. Ginvent Advent Calendar

Lots more here of the 52 here!