Get Your Grillin' On


April 19, 2017

I'm not a grilling wiz by any means. Some people have the knack for it, and others would rather just enjoy it, then ruin a good piece of meat. I lean more towards the enjoying the eating part of it. I did run across 24 tips that is supposed to help when it comes to grilling. Do you have a tip that works every time when you  get your grilling on? Share please...

Salt & pepper are key, and could be all you need. If you want more layers,  paprika, brown sugar also help w/ the grilling meat experience.

When using a meat thermometer it's best to insert it through the side to get a more accurate reading. (I didn't know that)
Use tongs or spatulas when you turn your meat.  Piercing it will drain the juices and flavor of the meat.

Direct Grilling:
High heat is used to cook small / thin cuts of meats and veggies.

Indirect Grilling:
Larger or fattier cuts of meats and fish that cook slower are best to cook the indirect way by having them cooked near the heat source. 

Basic Tips:
Be organized and have everything you need by the grill before you heat it up.
Have enough fuel before you start.
Grill clean and stay clean
Clean any surface where raw meat came in contact.  DO NOT cut cooked meat on the same plate / area where you cut raw meat!

Lots more tips here! 

Here are some recipes of things that aren't the norm when it comes to grilling. I may have to try the Grilled Vanilla French Toast  and the Grilled Grapes.