Get Your Holiday Crafting On

DIY Holiday Cheer

November 26, 2018

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Happy Holidays can be even Happier by cutting down Holiday spending to save Green and be more Green too!  You'll find there are items you thought you needed to buy, but you really don't have too. You'd be surprised what supplies you already have to create it. Gifts and decorations that are created in an eco-friendly fashion tend to last longer. Plus, the Sentimental Value of creating them yourself for others makes it Priceless.  A Holiday Cheer 1THING your whole family can get into! 

Holiday Items You Don't Need to Buy:

  • Cookie Tins: Repurpose old gift boxes or make little craft paper pouches from old paper shopping bags and decorate w/ a ribbon
  • Gift Tags: Write on the paper itself. Use scrap papper you already have to create a tag. Lots of options are in your home
  • Holiday Cards: Send e-cards. Make your own from scrap paper...
  • Stockings:  Old blankets can be turned into a Santa gift holder
  • Wrapping Paper: Scrap paper. Old newspapers can be fun
  • Floral Arrangements: for the holidays can come from right outside your home. Mama Nature supplied
  • Holiday Dinnerware: Turn your basic plates into holiday fun by decorating w/ leaves, ribbons.. put a touch of holiday w/ what you have
  • Christmas Tree Ornaments: Cookie cutters, photos and many things sitting or hiding in a draw in your home could be a cool ornament

Find out how to DIY w/ these items and several more listed here!  Make it a Happy Greener Holiday!