Get Your Mac 'n Cheese On!

#MacaroniandCheeseDay #AustinLove

July 14, 2017

TGIF! Perfect Friday for Mac 'n Cheese! It's National #MacaroniandCheeseDay! It's also #NationalNudeDay, so maybe eating some Mac 'n Cheese Naked would cover it all . Here are some places you can find some yummy Mac ' n Cheese combos.. from traditional to fried you can find it all in ATX.  MIght want to have your clothes on if you go out for Mac' n Cheese. #GettingArrestedDay probably won't be as popular to celebrate!  Enjoy!

I lived off Kraft Macaroni and Cheese growing up and in college.Yes, the same stuff that a  recent study says is 'Toxic'. I don't doubt that, but it's still yummy to have every now & then.  Add extra cheese and some seasoning to the mix you have a yummy dinner. My first apartment I shared w/ my friend Sheryl, we would get Macaroni and Hamburger Helper (Mac 'n Cheese kind yummy too)  We could make about 3 meals out of that. Big Love for Mac 'n Cheese! 

Here's 13 of many choices of Mac 'n Cheeses in ATX! Click here!