Girl Scouts Sell Lots More than Just Cookies! Heads up on a Next Fall Newbie!

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December 4, 2019
Girl Scouts Boxed Chocolates

Heather's discovery of Girl Scouts Boxed Chocolates! 12/4/19


Hi! This morning at work I discovered something new with the Rudy's Breakfast Tacos ... Girl Scouts Boxed Chocolates! I've seen some candy bars in stores, but never boxed chocolates. Big You Rocks to Mix  / Facebook Friends getting me caught up on the yummy thingies I didn't know the Girl Scouts sold. It's way more than COOKIES ... and I'm a Cookie Fan!  

Look out for a yummy newbie that's coming next Fall of 2020. Big Thanks & You Rocks to Barbara for the heads up!

More updates on yummy newbies / thingies you've run into share please.