Give a Tree during the Season of Giving

Claim Your Shade in Central Texas

December 6, 2018

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It's the Season of Giving, and TreeFolks have a great idea!  Give A Tree to Central Texas! 

TreeFolks have had the help of thousands of volunteers that have planted over 2.8 million trees in Central Texas. Planting a tree creates a powerful connection with people and the community in which they live, while providing many benefits:

  • Trees clean the air and water
  • Trees provide habitat for wildlife
  • Trees produce fresh fruit.
  • Trees help shelter us from the hot Texas sun. 

TreeFolks invite you to join them in creating a healthier environment and enhancing the quality of life in Central Texas!  Give a Tree!  Every dollar given, 90 cents goes directly towards planting and caring for trees in Central Texas. 

Volunteering your time is another way to show support and love to Central Texas communities. There are opportunities for all ages!

Plant. Grow. Learn.  Enjoy ... the BEAUTY given back to us ... #1THING 

Heather Rivera Fall Foliage in SW ATX 2018