Go Pink ATX! In the Way You Feel Comfortable

#BreastCancerAwareness #NoBraDay #GoPinkATX

October 13, 2016

A FB post I put up:

Today is National #NoBraDay 
"women all over America and the U.K. are ditching their bras and posting photos as part of a campaign to raise breast cancer awareness and to encourage others to get screened for the disease that will have been responsible for 40,450 deaths by the end of 2016, according to The American Cancer Society." Click here!

Here's another breast cancer survivor for #NoBraDay posted the reality of breast cancer saying today shouldn't be about selfies, but self exams. "I thought I would show the actual brutal reality of what breast cancer looks like," Towle told CBC News. "It's not pink and fluffy and sexy." "It's brutal and painful." Click here.   Facebook post

There are also many women who aren't comfortable w/ #NoBraDay and do not feel it's an appropriate way to honor those who are fighting breast cancer, who are a survivor or have lost their lives to breast cancer. Another way to honor and raise awareness is getting a bra that makes you feel good and helps others fighting breast cancer! That's what this new Lingere line 'Anaono' is all about. It was started by a breast cancer Fighter/Survivor Dana Donofree.. who was diagnosed with breast cancer at 27 (2010) who was — exhausted, defeated and unable to find a bra that fits after surgery. She decided to fix that and create a line that would make you feel good, beautiful and fit properly. Some proceeds from each one sold help others who are battling breast cancer.  More about her battle and story here.

Keep the conversation going everyday when it comes to breast cancer awareness, prevention, detection, the battle from those who are fighting it and honoring those who are no longer with us. GoPinkATX.com

I recently went thru more indepth breast screening due to dense breast tissue which introduced me to my first MRI. More here