A Yellie: Good or Bad idea for a gift for a child!

Think Holiday Ducklings could make it Go?!!

December 20, 2018

ID 117871121 © Lightkeeper | Dreamstime.com


Will Santa put #Yellies under your tree this year? YELLIES are one of the controversial toys this Holiday season.  The louder you 'YELL!', the faster the toy spider goes. I'm not a spider fan, but these look & sound like loud fun.. right?  I would agree w/ that since I don't have kiddos. I also can see if you are a parent, why you wouldn't care for it. The quick commerical here even mentions 'Freak Mom Out!'  ...

Here's a Mama post that has gone viral about these plush little spiders .. 

So is a 'Yellie' a Good or Bad idea for a gift for kiddos? I know what the answer should be, but not necessarily what I want it to be. :) Happy Holidays! Enjoy!