Cute Things can come in Great Big Packages

Sharing the smiles ...

October 17, 2018

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Coming from a girlie who has only had little furbabies.. Mitzi / Poodle (childhood doggie RIP) , FiFi / Poodle (childhood doggie RIP) and Huey / Shih Tzu (honey Ted & my furbaby for 16 years RIP). Cute & Funny doesn't always have to be small. Cute & Funny can come in Great Big Packages too! This made me smile, so I wanted to share a smile w / you. 

Whether you have a small, medium, big or even great / giant cutie. They all capture the heart, and create happiness in our lives. That's really all that counts at the time. Be sure to CHERISH THE MOMENTS.. as cheesey as that sounds, it's true. Even 16 years feels like it went to fast. Cherishing the moments, will give you a smile later when a memory of those moments pop in your head. It's how our Huey is always w/ us! Heather & honey Ted Love Huey 4 Always & Ever in our hearts & minds!