Look Who We got a Selfie with Thanks to MOWCTX!

Great Way to Kick off a Week!

March 20, 2019

Heloise with Sam, Lyanca and Heather #MOWCTX2019


This is a Great way to kick off the week. Doing a selfie w/ Heloise and my co-buds Sam & Lyanca. Since it's Spring Break, many times Meals on Wheels is short folks who can deliver meals to those in need in the Central ATX area. Sam, Lyanca and I became sub-volunteers and had a great time doing it. It was our first time delivering for MOWCTX, so we weren't sure what to expect.  What we discovered... It was fun helping and making new friends. Heloise & her honey William were on our route. They were so happy to get their meatloaf meal. William said meatloaf is one of his favorites. Heloise came out for a bit to chat w/ us, and enjoy the beautiful ATX weather. She even took a selfie with us, and ROCKED IT! 

Meals on Wheels runs mostly on volunteers. Getting the meals together, managing the meal pickup posts and delivering the meals to those in the ATX area that are in need. It's easy to become a volunteer. You watch a training video a few days before. MOWCTX do a background check on all volunteers, just to ensure the safety of the many who receive meals. Many times they are older and alone. I know I'd feel more at ease if I had a grandparent getting food from someone they aren't familiar with. Especially when you are subbing for someone. This was the case for us. If don't have a lot of time to volunteer on a regular basis, you could always sub for someone who is on vacation, or their kiddos are off for Spring Break. It's a nice break for them, and a nice time for those volunteering. 

Click here to find out more how you can help Meals On Wheels Central Texas! It really does make you feel good. Humans helping Humans is a Beautiful Thingie. We need more of that all over!  Even Matthew & his family have shown up ringing doorbells and delivering Thanksgiving meals to those who really need it the past several years in ATX.  It really is a Fantastic service for many. Plus the Meatloaf Rocks ... according to William & Heloise!