Look What We Discovered in ATX!

#HeatherandhoneyTed #Discoveries

August 3, 2018

honey Ted and I had a Great Date Night on Wednesday at the Austin 360 Amphitheater Rockin' w/ Fiver Finger Death Punch & Breaking Benjamin. Who says you can't have Glitter, Flames & a Skull in a metal show... FFDP Brought it all to ATX!  

Coming from the FFDP high yesterday, I got my natural color fixed.. LOL.. 

Then honey Ted and I discovered a few thingies that we have been looking for in South ATX for a few weeks.  Rocky Road Trip Oreo Cookies..  They're finally in S. ATX.. Randall's & Target! 

The Happiest Yummy Discovery started when we went to visit family in Omaha, NE earlier this summer. We got some supplies at the Hy Vee and discovered these Cool Whip Mix-Ins existed. We brought back a container of each. As they were getting low, we kept looking for them during the past several weeks here in ATX.  We didn't see them anywhere. Well, yesterday, while we were at our HEB off Brodie & William Cannon,we DISCOVERED them!  It's weird how a little thing like this can make your day!  COOL WHIP COOKIES & CREAM  & DOUBLE CHOCOLATE BROWNIE MIX-INS  were waiting for us in the refrigerator section... just waiting to be eaten.  Be careful because these are yummies you could eat an entire container of in one sitting. They are both that Yummy!  Something you could look out for this weekend.  Maybe these could make your day too!