Halloween 2019 Makeup Trend: SpiderWeb Eyes

Rockin' the Webs for Halloween

October 21, 2019

Dmitry Fisher / Getty Images


10 days & counting... Halloween will be here.  Looking for costume ideas? You could start w/ the makeup!  Looks like a popular Halloween trend for 2019 are Spiderwebs. Sure spiders/ webs are a traditional part of Halloween from decorations to costumes.  This year the webs are landing on the eyes ... Spooky Spiderweb eyes will catch all who dare to glare on Halloween. Many times they take over the face. Here are some ideas.  Could you see yourself Rockin/ a Spooky Spiderweb? 

I'm not very artisy, so not sure I could get my Spiderweb Eyes to look like these. If they turn out messy, maybe Zombie them. I've found this can help with Halloween makeup mishaps. Something like this could work too!!! Have a Happy Scary Fun Halloween!

shcherbak volodymyr Getty Images

Real Scary Deal: Giant Spiderweb mistaken for frost. Click if you dare! EEEWWW