A Sweet Solution for Leftover Halloween Candy

It's Candy Recycling Time

November 1, 2018

Coming down from the Halloween Sugar High!  You realize the mother-moad of candy the kiddos got (you got), that there's no way you will eat it all. No worries. Don't throw the candy away. Recycling is a Sweet Solution for leftover candy. It's a 1THING you can share w/ others, and keep Mama Earth Holiday Happy. Plus you can get ready for round 2 of the Holidays as Thanksgiving gets closer with all the yummy goodies that come with celebrating the day! 

Ways to Recycle Leftover Halloween Candy: 

  • Send the Candy to Troops overseas  
  • Operation Gratitude   
  • Operation Shoebox   
  • Soldiers' Angels 
  • Many Dentists participate in a Halloween Candy Buy Back. Click here! 
  • Include your Halloween Candy w/ the Thanksgiving goodies. Sharing the Sugar Love w/ family & friends is Super Sweet. 
  • Bake with your extra Halloween Candy load. Cakes are another yummy fun way to enjoy your candy and share with others. Click here for recipe ideas!

May your Holidays be filled with lots of Sweet Happy Times! Doing #1THING each day makes it even Sweet for you and your family and Mama Earth!