Halloween Safety Check List for Your Furbabies


October 30, 2019

No Spiders or Fake Spiders were harmed! Love Rudy!


Rudy sends Big Love to the Awesome Peeps at Brodie Animal Hospital who are always looking out for furbabies & their health 24/7! Making sure you are this Halloween too! 

Here's a Halloween Safety Check List to Keep the holiday a Happy one for everyone in the family. 

You Know Best: 

  • If you've seen your pet behave anxiously on certain holidays / crowds, then staying home during peark hours of trick or treating is probably best. Make sure they are comfy, cozy , stocked up w/ favorite toys & treats. Have white noise or their favorite sounds playing to keep the door bell sound from freaking them out. Give them lots of Love & Praise! Usually kisses come back at you.

Door Action:

  • When the doorbell goes off, or knocking happens. You answer the door. Make sure youi check before you open the door that your furbaby (ies) aren't running out to greet the guestsno leash or anything to be had.  honey Ted & I, we have to watch out for Rudy doing this. He tries to open door bolt on a daily basis. After a 1st , but very short distance,successful time, we are extra careful with this activity he loves to try to throw in. 

Irresistible Sweets:

  • Keep the candy bowl away from areas your furbaby can get to them. Watch out for discarded candy / wrappers. Watch out for the Chocolate and even Xylitol / articifical sweeteners in sugar-free treats, these are all toxic. Rudy has a bad habit of wanting to put everything on the floor that doesn't seem like it should be there in his mouth .. extra eye on get-away wrappers, lollipop sticks, foil & thingies like those that can cause an emergency visit on Halloween to the vet. Besides the worries of your furbaby being sick, it turns out to be a very expensive (not so) Sweet Treat from Halloween!  Prevent Pet Poisoning

Dressing Up:

  • As cute as this can be to you, make sure your furbaby is tolerant / likes being dressed up. Don't cause any unwanted / extra anxiety for Halloween night. Be sure the costume allows them to see, move and breath properly. No snug fits, or too loose. Be around while they are wearing them, because you never know when they might decide a piece of it looks yummy to try to eat. Rudy gets ideas in his head out of the blue, from what it seems like. Be mindful it can happen, even if they aren't normally known to do that. 

Halloween Pet Safety: Halloween emergencies can pop up thanks to  Candlelight jack-o’-lanterns, glow sticks, animated decor, and strong lights. Avoid them being anywhere near your furbaby. Check out emergency and Fall / colder weather safety for your furbaby (ies) to keep them Happy & Safe! 

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 If your in need of furbaby healthcare / emergency care the peeps at Brodie Animal Hospital are Fantastic. BAH took Great Care of our Huey for over a decade. ( passed over a year and a half at 16)  Rudy had an introduction checkup a few months ago after we adopted him from Austin Pets Alive!  Everyone who has met Rudy at BAH have been wonderful. He's a way different personality than Huey. They take care of each individual personality, of each  furbaby's anxiety level during a vet visit. Making sure it can be as low as possible for each one, and their pet parents. 

Y'all Rock! Love  Rudy, honey Ted & Heather

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