Cutting Down A Child's Birthday Party Waste


September 24, 2018

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Getting ready for your little one's Birthday Party. It can be a Happy & Fun time celebrating their big day, while helping out Mama Earth too. There are several things you can do to make your kiddo's birthday party Green Friendly. Less Waste! Lots More Happy Times for all! 

Cutting Down Birthday Party Waste:

  1. Online Invitations -You can create pretty waste-free invitations quickly. 
  2. Reusable Decorations - Use Big Paper pom-poms or colorful lanterns rather than balloons. You can make them too! Create a material 'Happy You ' Banner and ditch the paper / plastic one.
  3. Reusable Tableware and Napkins - Avoid the paper plates & plastic utensils. Drop by a secondhand store, and pick up plates and silverware. You can wash and reuse them. No worries if pieces get broken. Try making / getting cloth napkins, so you can just wash them and set them away for the next big party. 
  4. Donations vs.Gifts -  Show your child how good it can feel to help others. Accept donations for their birthday that will go to a specific charity / animal shelter instead of presents. As they grow older, the more compassionate they will be helping others
  5. 5. Skip the Party Favors - No reason to load your guests down w/ wasteful items that will end up in the trash. If you feel they should take something home, send them home w/ an extra piece of Birthday Cake, a homemade granola bar or an eco-friendly decoration. 

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