Happy Halloween Eco-Friendly Things for 2019

Tricks & Treats!

October 21, 2019



Halloween will be here soon. Many tend to spend lots of time and money on all that is expected to create a Happy Halloween! The National Retail Federation released their 2019 survey stats when it comes to common Halloween purchases.

What's expected for Halloween 2019!

  • Overall spending for Halloween 2019 is expected to hit $8.8 Billion
  • 68% of people plan to celebrate Halloween 
  • Shoppers will spend an average of $86.27 for Halloween
  • $3.2 Billion is expected to be spent on costumes
  • $2.6 Billion spent on candy 
  • $2.7 Billion on decorations
  • $350 - $400 Million on greeting cards
  • 35% of a person's time will be online for inspiration
  • This inspiration includes pets. 29 million people plan to dress their pets up for Halloween

Lots more Halloween stats / 411 here!

The day after Halloween many things are tossed in the trash w/ no expectations of being recycled or reused. This causes our landfills, waterways and more to become even more polluted and over run by holiday waste. What if there were Things that could be done to have a much Greener Halloween that can also save You Green? Ways you can make it a Happier Halloween for all ... including Mama Earth. Well, there are many 1Things you can do for a much more Eco-Friendly Happy Halloween.  

Eco-Friendly Halloween Things to make it a Green Halloween, and Save Green! A Big Bonus! 

Eco Friendly Decorations

  • PUMPKINS can be great decorations are compostable / edible.
  • PAPER is a recyclable material that can make an impact at a Halloween party. 
  • CANDLE light can make things spooky, and save energy w/ the lights off.
  • GHOSTS can be created by using old white sheets
  • YARN WEB can be created by using white, organic cotton yarn to make a spider web in or outside of your home
  • REUSABLE DECOR is key when you purchase Halloween decor. Try to avoid plastic items. Go for longer lasting, natural materials you can use over & over for years to come.

Eco Friendly Treats

  • RECYCLABLE CANDY PACKAGING if you're set on handing out candy . Choose options that come in cardboard / recyclable containers /wrappers ... Nerds, Dots, Jr. Mints, Milk Duds ...
  • FRUITS are best at parties where they be can dressed up. Jack-O-Lantern Mandarin Oranges or Mini-Ghost Bananas. Make it Yummy Fun! 
  • SMALL GIFTS that are sustainable rather than handing out candy… mini paper games, hemp bracelets, seed packets ..
  • DITCH THE PLASTIC PUMPKIN candy carrier. Decorate a canvas re-usable bag. 

Eco Friendly Costumes

  • THRIFT store shopping for a costume / pieces to go with or create one. You'll be amazed what you can find without spending lots of Green!
  • DIY Halloween costume use sustainable and easy to recycle materials like paper, cardboard and cotton.
  • FACE PAINT use organic face paint / make your own.

Find out how to do all these things and more to make for a much Happier & Eco- Friendly Halloween here!