Happy Siblings Day! Bust Out the Photos!

Celebrate Loving & Surviving Each Other Growing Up!

April 10, 2019

'lil Heather & Dolly


Happy Siblings Day! An unofficial holiday to remember all the crazy things siblings did to each other growing up. I can't quite relate to it since I was an only child adopted at 3 weeks old. Instead of blaming things on my sibs, my poor furbaby Mitzi took the grunt of that when I was real little. It progressed with other furbabies as I got older. I also blamed my dolly ... DOLLY! (original huh.. LOL)

I love to hear the stories honey Ted, Nici & Jamie tell when we get together. Being an only child, it was nice gaining family. I've adopted them as my brother & sister. It's a big win for me. I get the fun part of the adult sibling relationship. Minus the dares of making jumps an older brother puts out there, so the little brother attempts it. The end result a visit to the dentist to save front teeth that are holding on by the braces. Or the sister who runs into a big flower pot, trying to run into her younger brother. Who knew the younger brother would move, and cause a trip to the doctor for a split head.

'lil honey Ted's dad & siblings

I am a bit jealous of all who had sibs to play with. Helped and tormented them out of Love growing up. It's nice to have honey Ted's family as mine too. Especially w/ my Mama Betty & Daddy Maurice no longer with me! I'm Thankful for all the Family Love I was Blessed with growing up and into my adulthood. I'm also Thankful for the Family Love honey Ted & his family give. I'm Blessed each day because of it. 

Happy #SiblingDay Love to see your siblings photos! Share them here! 

honey Ted's ( & Heather's) Siblings /family