Have you heard of Swimply?

It's popularity has risen during the COVID-19 pandemic

August 4, 2020
KrakenPlaces Getty Images

KrakenPlaces Getty Images


I have recently seen a few FB friends talking about Swimply. Looking into what Swimply is ... I discovered it's was pitched on Shark Tank. The social media buzz that's happening during this COVID-19 pandemic has elevated the success of Swimply. The Airbnb concept with pools... 

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#inthenews Check out this awesome write up on Swimply from the @losangelestimes ​#escapelocally ​"With Swimply, pool owners can sign up on the website and add pictures of their backyards and their swimming space. Those who want to rent a pool use the same app to secure it for a specified number of hours. ​The idea, said Swimply co-founder Bunim Laskin, 22, sprang from stifling summer days in his native New Jersey. “Being the oldest of 12 kids, finding an affordable way for my family to leave the house and spend time together was very difficult,” Laskin said. “We saw that our next-door neighbor’s pool was empty a lot, and so I asked her if [we> could use it.” ​- Bharbi Hazarika

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Someone has a nearby private pool to rent out for use, and someone else rents it by the hour for chill time. No worries about overcrowding / social distancing or wearing a mask while catching rays. You're able to de-stress and enjoy.  Swimply's mantra 'Escape Locally' ...  See what you think. 

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