Heard of 'Mindful Eating'? It's a Thingie...


December 7, 2017

There are always new diets popping up, and ways we can try to eat better. Now, Mindful Eating is becoming a Thingie.  It's referenced more as a 'Diet Strategy' w/ many successful stories flying around the internet from folks who have lost weight and developed a better relationship w/ food.  

Many times we are always in a hurry, and eating seems to be rushed. Gobble it down, and don't even think about what it tastes like or how it will settle in your body. Well, the Center of Mindful Eating.. yes there is a center... has tips on what you can do when it comes to 'Mindful Eating'.. We always hear to eat slower, and chew your food several times, which can help w/ digestion. Eating fast tends to promote overeating too. I'm guilty of that many times when it comes to eating my sugary candy / cookies/ brownies.. sweet treats!  

According to the President of the 'Center of Mindful Eating' Marsha Hudnall, who is also a registered dietician... "Mindful eating is really just being intentionally present. “You’re paying attention to what you’re doing, and your thoughts and feelings around what you’re eating ..."

How to Practice Mindful Eating:

  • Make Your Meal an Enjoyable Experience
    Food is just as much a part of your emotional life as well as giving you nutrients. 
    Mindful Eating is enjoying the flavor, texture and the different aspects of the food you are eating and find pleasing.
    Chew slowly and think about the process. 
  • Take All the Judgement Out of food
    Don't think about whether the food is 'Good' or 'Bad'  
    Example: Potatos are bad for you.. take the negative out and replace w/ positive. Enjoy the potato slowly think about what it's doing for your body.
  • Pay Attention to How Your Body Feels
    We're always in a rush, and we don't listen to what our body is telling us w/ cues of being hungry or full.
    This is when poor choices are made.
  • Eat whatever You want ― and be OK with that. (This is where I'm thinking to good to be true)
    Mindful Eating encourages you to drink the eggnog / eat the holiday sweets w/ out punishing yourself.
    Supposedly this leads you to beter choices. You let yourself have it.. you savor it.. think about how it feels eating/ drinking it slowly
    w/out worry or guilt. You'll find the stopping point before you feel ill from eating to much,and just feeling satisfied.  Supposedly this works!!
  • Don't Shame Yourself If You Mess Up
    If you Indulge too much, don't get mad at yourself about it. Consciously observing at all times,
    so you will make better decisions in the future. 

    Think Mindful Eating sounds too good to be true?  Or your next New Year's Resolution for 2018? 

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