Here's why YOU DO NOT need to try them!

January 7, 2019

I heard about Oreo cookies coming out w/ new flavors sometime in January to celebrate the New Year.  Well ... 2019 looked to be even yummier over the weekend when honey Ted discovered Dark Chocolate Oreos on the end cap display (also included Carrot Cake Oreos) at our Walmart during #GroceryShoppingDateNight. Our first taste explains why you don't need them. 

Carrot Cake Oreos are also out, which  I will have to grab those next time. honey Ted has trouble grabbing Oreos that have a veggie attached to them. You would think that would make him want to eat more veggies. Which ones will you try first?  


Have a Happy & Yummy 2019! #HeatherandhoneyTed