Look for this Sweet Yummy Deal!

Making Sweeter Family Moments in SW ATX

June 7, 2019

Breyers Carb Smart Chocolate at H-E-B


Heads up on a yummy deal for a Breyers CarbSmart! Get $1 off a 48oz tub at your neighborhood H-E-B until June 18th! 

Here's a Breyer's CarbSmart Moment honey Ted & I had w/ more to come... 

Look what we discovered during a #GroceryShoppingDateNight ! Breyers CarbSmart ... Chocolate!  It just jumped in our cart, so we had to try it! YUMMY!

Watching a movie at home, a hankering came over us. Breyers CarbSmart definitely curbed the craving! We noticed there was no shortage on taste, even w/ fewer carbs. Looking forward to trying the other flavors .. Vanilla & Peanut Butter! Breyers CarbSmart is a Great choice for Carb Watchers and anyone who enjoys dessert time. It certainly made our weekend Sweeter! Of course we had more than one Breyers CarbSmart moment.  #HeatherandhoneyTed 

Look out for  Breyers CarbSmart in bars too ...Almond, Milk Chocolate / Vanilla  Fudge & Mint flavors. THIS YUMMY ROCKS TOO! 

Breyers CarbSmart Bars / H-E-B