Heather & honey Ted's Surprises during their 1st Tiny Home Tour

Could you Live in a Tiny Home?

February 25, 2020
Tiny Home Kitchen

The kitchen in The Austin Tiny Home 399 SQ FT - Village Tiny Homes


 honey Ted & I have watched so many Tiny Home  TV shows.... Wondering could we live in one 24/7?  With the cost of homes and apartment rents rising higher & higher in ATX, is a Tiny Home a good option? Well, we can't even attempt to answer that without seeing them in person. Thanks to an internet search, I discovered Village Tiny Homes in Mustang Ridge.  They have several set up where you can take your time and walk through them. honey Ted, Rudy & I took a cruise from Southwest ATX to Mustang Ridge. First place we found that was fairly close to where we lived, was open later in the afternoon, and we could see several at the same time. Glad we ran across them. 

Big You Rocks to Temple at Village Tiny Homes for giving us time to explore and experience walking through Tiny Homes for the 1st time with Rudy too!  Answering any questions we had. No hard sale pressure. She understood we wanted to find out more, and research more about it. She strongly encouraged it.  

During our 1st Tiny Home Tour, we discovered a lot of surprises! Full sized kitchens, bathrooms, and the bedrooms fit queen sized beds. The ceiling heights were tall, with no worries about feeling cramped or having to duck. (without the loft)  Here's the very 1st Tiny Home we walked through .. called the Slope ..

The Tiny Homes w/ a lofts we found we were ducking, even though we didn't really have too, but it felt more cramped to us w/ the loft style. The stairs are steep for big size 11 feet like mine. If we had a loft, we'd use it for storage, but would have to crawl on our knees. Is that something we really would want to do?  No for us! But, a small child / toddler is the perfect size for this space, addressing extra safety w/ the steep stairs. Here's a quick look at The Chateau w/ a loft ...

Chateau at Village Tiny Homes
Chateau at Village Tiny Homes

These Tiny homes run around 399 SQ FT, and they all had different floorplans with no wasted space.Many average sized homes and apartments have a lot of wasted living space. Not the case w/ these Tiny Homes. They even had surprisingly bigger closests and more cabinet / storage than what we expected. Although we would still have to purge quite a bit to move into one.

Here's The Austin - Our favorite Tiny Home at Village Tiny Homes. It has the kitchen where I asked if you could cook / bake in this Tiny Home kitchen. It's bigger than the kitchen in our 1 bedroom apartment. Full size nice bathroom. Nice size bedroom w/ decent closet space ... 

Village  Tiny Homes - Slope
Village Tiny Homes - The Austin

Several Mix Facebook Friends checked in on the kitchen cooking during the weekend.  You can leave your thoughts here too... 

The Village Tiny Home Tour also included several Mini Homes, which were bigger than 399 SQ FT Tiny Homes coming in around 650-698 SQ FT, which is another option. They seemed to be setup pretty much like a 1 bedroom apartment w/ no wasted space. This was my 1st Mini Home Tour in  the 'Mini Mansion'... It's NICE!!!

This is the Tiffany Mini Home, which I dare say was TOO MUCH KITCHEN for us. Check out this GRAND open floor plan w/ the Lovely Temple and her Fabulous Red Hair!

Tiffany Mini Home @ Village Tiny Homes
Tiffany Mini Home @ Village Tiny Homes

Our favorite Mini Home was the Cottage. It had a nice open floor plan w/ a kitchen that was bigger than our 1 bedroom apartment kitchen ... 

Cottage at Village Tiny Homes
Cottage at Village Tiny Homes

Big Thanks to Temple at Village Tiny Homes! She made our 1st Tiny Home Tour experience Awesome! She Rocks! There are a couple more Tiny Homes that will be built to tour soon ... The Zen & The Hill Country. I'm hearing fireplaces / wrap around porches and more. There are lots of different choices you can make when creating a Tiny Home at Village Tiny Homes w/ each floor plan.  We look forward to heading back to check out the newbies coming in, and doing more research on the Tiny Home possibilty. The tour certainly didn't turn us off of the idea. Finding out more will be happening. Can we purge what we need to live in a Tiny Home? Can we live in one 24/7 together as a family? For many years?  Answers we'll think about as we have fun researching the idea of Tiny Home Living that could help us with expenses in the long run, and the environment too. A Tiny Home can really help limit your impact on Mama Earth, which is another plus. 

Here's a great artical about the Tiny Home Movement & Stats. It goes through many pros & cons of Tiny Home Living. It gives lots of things to think about. Nothing wrong w/ doing that along w/ research before you go full on into Tiny Living. You want it to feel right for you & your family. Maybe it's just a good vacation / getaway idea, rather than 24/7.  Definitely a perfect way to camp. Big Yes on that! 

*We'll keep you posted on our Tiny Home Adventure if our movement towards one continues ... Big Hugs ... Heather, honey Ted & Rudy!*