Remember to Take Your Wellness Time!

#WellnessTime #TakeCareOfYou

September 21, 2018

Loving My Doctor's Lobby Waiting Area Table Set


September could be considered my #WellnessTime. It's a time of the year when most of my Health & Wellness maintenance needs should be done. The older I get, the more I find I have to do, to keep maintaining. But I've found, It's worth a better quality of Life you can have w/ your Loved ones

The past 24 hours I took some break time from work, and put it towards my #WellnessTime. Yes, it's also a poked, prodded, pricked, squeezed, squished, and other not so pleasant words, that happen during these #WellnessTimes... 

  • Gyno check up  that isn't the most comfortable, and surprise on many ends can happen. But necessary, especially as we get older. 
  • Blood work - I'm a hard prick , so it took 3 different areas before one hit. The battle is worth it for prevention, and early detection of harmful issues that can be treated earlier.
  • Mammogram Screening 3D - It's a must each year, to help keep the girls Happy. If something turns up, early detection is always better. 
  • Stop at the dentist - which I have many times during a year because I have terrible teeth (clean mouth.. bad genetics) An issue popped up in the middle of all of this waking me up at 4am. 
  • Monday (9/24) & Tuesday (9/25) - I took some 1st Dental Implant VK time... A couple of days off for the surgery, and the start of healing.  No, not dream VK time, but something that needs to be done for Wellness.

Now if I could figure out how to grow $$$ Trees ... total Happiness with Wellness would be achieved.   But nothing's perfect. Need to work w/ what you got, and go from there. The most important part is to Take Care of You! This makes it possible to help Take Care of the Ones You Love too!  honey Ted & I take care of each other. It can be much harder to have a guy in a relationship take care of himself like he does his Loved one. I've heard that from several female & male friends, when it comes to their guys. So guys we appreciate you taking care of us, and making sure we are also taking care of ourselves. BUT PLEASE do the same ... Take Care of yourself, and let us take care of you too! You're important to us and our lives ... Your Health & Wellness does affect ours too! That's what Love is all about!  

I'll keep you posted on the Wellness Stats.  Please do the same for yourself & those you Love in your life! Big Hugs!