Heather's Vacation Burn .. is NOT a Sunburn!

#VacationBurn #MuffinTopBurn

July 2, 2018

Back from VK w/ honey Ted. We started in Omaha, NE visiting family. Then we took a long weekend for our first time at Galveston Beach (celebrating our 17th Anniversary 6/30). It was  Hot, Windy & Fun!  I'm also still feeling the BURN ... and it's NOT a Sunburn.  I thought I'd try a new quickie workout.  This guy leading the video is the devil in Fabulous workout gear. The BURN  doesn't really hit your obliques and other parts of your body until the day after and another day after that too! I STILL FEEL THE BURN!  It's supposed to be good for you... right?  I'll let you know in another day or so.  Try it out! Let me know if you feel #MuffinTopBurn . Be sure to have the Aleve ready!