Here's the Reason for Rudy's Pouty Face

Big Boy Harness Shopping

August 13, 2019

Rudy's Pouty Face


This past weekend honey Ted & I took our 6-month-old furbaby Rudy Big Boy Harness Shopping. Rudy has been in our family for one month and a few days. In the time we've had Rudy, he's grown from 4lbs to 10lbs and almost doubled in length.

Rudy's Harness Issues:

  1. Rudy's not a fan of the harness & Leash. 
  2. Rudy hates trying them on.

Rudy's issues make it fun trying to figure out what harness will work the best. The first two he was okay, by the third one he was getting irritated. This was the 4th one and when the pouty face (almost an FU face) appeared ... 

If Rudy doesn't like or want to do something at home, he'll have stages that start w/ the pouty face, that will end w/ his inner 'Drama Doggie' coming out. In public, he'll wait until we get home. Yes, he saved the 'Drama' for us when we got home and settled in. For now we're testing his Big Boy Harness, to see how it goes. None of us want to go Big Boy Harness Shopping again anytime soon. 

I guess this means dressing up for Halloween might be out.  Or maybe not????