Heather's Top 4 Fav Girl Power Weekend Moments

You Go Girls! You Rock!

February 11, 2019

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This weekend had a lot of #GirlPowerMoments come through. Here are 4 of them that touched my Girl Emotions! You Go Girls! Y'all Rock! 

Top 4 Girl Power Moments

1.) Multi- Grammy winner Lady Gaga's performance of 'Shallow' at the Grammy's.It gave me Gooseybumps. It was FIERCE! It went  FAB FIERCE w/ the bodysuit platform heals she Rocked while Rockin it! You Go Girl!  Another Lady Gaga Fab moment here too.


2.) Halsey's SNL performances especially EastSide while painting! Girl has got mad skills! I knew she would Kill It hosting & performing on SNL! You Go Girl! 
Another Halsey Fab Moment Without You  Live on SNL 


3.) Surprise appearance of former First Lady Michelle Obama and her message about Girl Power through the Power of Music with Powerful Performing Artists! 
You Go Girls!


4.) Alicia Keys hosting & performing on the Grammys!  You Go Girl! Here's a taste ... 


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