Help keep Austin Beautiful on America Recycles Day

Take the Pledge

November 13, 2020
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America Recycles Day 2020 is coming up on Sunday, November 15th. Perfect 1Thing to do in ATX. Keep Austin Beautiful. You're encouraged to take the pledge and be part of the solution to keep the environment alive and well. 


  • I will find out what materials are collected for recycling in my community.


  • Within the next month, I will reduce the amount of waste I produce, I will recycle more, and I will buy products made with recycled content.


  • In the next month, I will encourage one family member or one friend to take the #BeRecycled pledge.


2020 America Recycles Day focuses on individual action. The actions we take collectivly help. Include the 4 Rs in your life: reduce, reuse, repurpose and recycle. Keeping Austin & America Beautiful. 

  • Recycling at home, work, school and on the go
  • Buying products made with recycled content
  • Educating and encouraging friends, family, and neighbors to take the #BeRecycled pledge 

There are many resources for information and action when it comes to recycling in Austin, a city with a Zero Waste goal. Each Thing we do makes a difference. Take it 1Thing at a time, and include them in your daily activities. 

Shop Zero Waste   Austin Reuse Directory

  • Support local businesses, artists and non-profits.
  • Keep products out of the landfill.
  • Save money by buying second hand items.
  • Avoid the energy and resources needed to manufacture new products.
  • Find unique, eco-friendly gifts for your loved ones. Give a great story for a waste-free holiday

Keeping Austin Beautiful being COVID-19 cautious. Do 1Thing at home with your family that makes a difference.