Helpful guide for working at home with cats & dogs

Pay attention to ME

April 7, 2020
Rudy Pay attention to me!

Pay attention to me.. Rudy!


You're home working, and your furbaby decides it's time to play. Time to pay attention to them. Of course this cute distraction can be grating on the nerves as it continues, and you aren't accomplishing what you need to do for work. Rudy does this. Thinks I'm home for him when he wants to play. I have to admit, I'm lucky honey Ted is here. It would be much harder, if it was just me and Rudy trying to do a show from my closet. If you're running across more unpleasant times, rather than enjoyable with your furbaby, this may help. sent me the heads up on their guide that can be helpful when working from home during the COVID-19 outbreak with your cat or dog. Ways you can get work done, and enjoy furbaby time too. Lead into the weekend on #PetDay this Saturday, April 11th with a WIN/ WIN! 

Rover stats from surveying pet parents who are working from home during this coronavirus outbreak:

  • 54% said they feel less anxious because they have their pet with them.
  • Two-thirds said they feel happier working from home because they have the company of their pet.
  • The majority of pet parents (70%) said working from home helps them get more exercise by walking or playing with their pet.
  • The majority (86%) of pet parents said spending time with their pets helps alleviate stress from today’s news topics like the coronavirus, economy, and politics.
  • 40% of pet parents are most likely to turn to their pets to reduce or relieve stress from news of current events....compared to a significant other (23%) or family member (13%)

Working from home with your dog

Keeping them active:

  • Training is a great way to keep your pet active and tire them out. 
  • Got kids at home, show them training techinques and they can do them together. Keeping them both active and tiring them out
  • Play scent games
  • Play Hide and Seek
  • Make the most of walks with them no matter how long or short / experience the walk together rather than paying attention to your phone
  • Mix play time w/ training time
  • Have lots of interactive toys for them to play with.. Kong, Pet Play Wobble Ball, iFetch / iDig, play the shell game w/ bowls & treats
  • Mental stimulation- Teach your dog new tricks and reinforce old ones to help curb barking, tearing up things ...

How to do these things and more w/ your doggies here!

Working from home with your cat

Cats can get more stressed having you at home all day, when they aren't used to it. Messing up their schedule / routine. Having some patience with them, and keeping a schedule with feeding times and even bedtime with some extra activity and TLC will help. 

How to keep your cat from interrupting you all day

  • Tire your cat out early. Enjoy some activity time / play BEFORE you need to work... feather wand, treats in a food puzzle ....
  • Take breaks to snuggle. Relieve each other's stress.
  • Create distractions during important calls w/ automated toys, food puzzles, a cardboard box w/ tissue paper.. stimulation w/ activity can help.
  • Give your cat a better place to hang than on your keyboard. Heated bed, or their chair near your desk. Something set up special nearby for them. 
  • Don't reward behavior you do not want to continue. Not acknowleding the unwanted behavior while rewarding the good behavior.
  • Close the door - be ready for protest. Sometimes you have to keep them out of your space, if they won't do stop interrupting. Cats many times are vocal about this, try not giving in to their protests.
  • Most important thing to remember ... Be patient w/ yourself and your cat! 

How to do these things with your kitty and more here! 

May you and your furbabies have many wonderful and comfortable moments together while physical distancing from others together. Love it Patient, Love is Kind works perfect when dealing w/ your furbabies too. Enjoy!  Walks and snuggles help with Rudy, and for me!  Take Care! Heather R.