Unfortunately , YES it does!


February 8, 2019

Yes! ... It is the answer to... "Does it get cold in ATX?"  Today it certainly is BBBRRR CCCOOOLLLDDD! Yesterday it was close to 70 and this morning woke up to a CCCOOOLLLDDD 32 degrees feeling like the 20s w/ the windchill. YES, cold enough for stuff to fall from the sky. #SleetySnowyStuff .... I can do without any of this. I grew up in Omaha, Nebraska. I've had enough COLD, SNOW, SLEET & anything that comes w/ the COLD to last me. I know some in Central Texas are excited when it gets COLD & hoping for SNOW. I'm not a big fan. It's fine if you don't have to travel in it. It can be quite calming falling outside your window while your wrapped up in warm blankets / in your bed.  Are you a Cold Snowy weather fan?

I caught a little outside of the Mix studio in Westlake for a bit. Still not a Fan! I'm looking forward to a bit of a warm up during the coming week. If some SUNSHINE could come along w/ it, that would be AWESOME!