New Hack for Pizza Night at Home

Talkin' bout Thick Crust Pizza Love

October 25, 2018

THICK CRUST PIZZA Heather and honey Ted


honey Ted and I kicked up our Pizza at Home Date Night w/ this Pillsbury Hot Roll Mix we grabbed in the baking aisle. It has directions w/ ingredients on how to make 2 pizzas. Which go for that if that's what you want! Enjoy!  We Hacked it for our Thick Crust Pizza Love. 

Crust Ingredients:

  • 1 box mix of Pillsbury Hot Roll Mix
  • 1/4  cup of warm water  - Boiled or bottled water if you live in ATX right now 10/24/18
  • yeast packet w/ the mix
  • 1 1/4 cup of soda / neer  We used Sprite because that is what we had. Coke Rocks too!

Pizza Toppings
Whatever you like.

  • honey Ted had pepperoni & cheese w/ sauce touch of seasoning
  • I had beets, mushrooms, frozen peaches & chicken w/ a bit of cheese & touch of seasoning
    2 TBs PB2C - Dip the pizza bones in it. 

Our Crust directions:

  • Mix the yeast w/ 1/4 cup of warm water. Pour that in the mix that's in the mixing bowl.
  • Add 1 1/4 cups of soda/ beer. Mix it together / knead w/ the dough hook for about 5 minutes. If you don't have that option, then mix in a regular bowl, then knead the dough on a clean floured kitchen board / surface. 
  • Lightly grease the main bowl you're using. Put the dough back in the bowl. Cover w/ a towel. Set it on the oven top preheating to 400 degrees. 
  • Let it set to rise for at least 30 minutes ... an hour if you can wait that long. 
  • Have a deep dish pizza type pan that's lightly greased to spread the dough in. Roll up the sides to create pizza bones. Or you can make it the same thickness all the way around.
  • Bake 5 minutes .. add your favorite toppings. Bake another 10-15 minutes. Start w/ 10 minutes, and go from there. Once the cheese is turning golden, and melted in the middle, it should be ready.
  • Let it cool 5 minutes! Cut! EAT! Left overs in a container a few days later.. still AWESOME! 

Ever since they stopped selling Auntie Anne's Pretzel Kits (in their stores & others.. can't find it anywhere), which made an Awesome Thick Crust Pizza, we've tried a few different options.The Pillsbury pizza crust in the refrig section w/ their biscuits & rolls is decent . In a smaller square shaped baking pan we create a smaller Thick-ish Pizza Crust.  This Hot Roll mix Rocks when you are in a THICK, THICK CRUST PIZZA MOOD!  Sometime soon we'll have to try a Cinnamon Roll Breakfast / Brunch type PIzza. I'm feeling a holiday brunch yummy that could come to life. 

Last  Pizza thought for now: We're also waiting for the Trader Joe's Beer Bread Mix to appear SOON! It's AMAZING as THICK CRUST PIZZA! Just mix.. soda or beer.. BAM! It's Yummy!