What would you call this?

The start of Rudy's House Adventure

July 26, 2019

'Rudy's House Adventure' kicked off last night when honey Ted & Rudy put it together. We thought we'd call it Rudy's House ... our place is 'Home'.. or maybe it should be Rudy's Fort?  The name is the least of our worries. We are all stepping out of our comfort zone when it comes to  puppy pen / crate training. honey Ted & I will be learning as we go. We expect to make mistakes, while learning & figuring out the best way to help Rudy enjoy his house.. fort...  whatever name works... We're expecting lots of Rudy puppy tantrums. We're very SORRY to our neighbors in advance. Rudy has been finding his voice, so the tantrums could be LOUD. 

The newest life adventure started w/ putting 'Rudy's House' together. Rudy decided he would help. We thought this could be good, to make it feel like a positive, safe place just for him. He even stepped in for a second to grab his bone. Tiny baby steps. 

Eventually we would like this to be an area he's cool to hangout in when we both have to leave. The past few days Rudy's #lilJaws has discovered slippers, shoes, couch corners and constantly grabbing things w / his mouth. He wouldn't be good to leave alone for any length of time w/ "PurePuppyPower' taking over. Getting closer to a month having Rudy we haven't left at the same time. He gets anxiety when one of us leaves, and the other is home. Figuring a meltdown / tantrum is a huge possibility when we're both gone. We'll see how this weekend goes w/ all of us getting used to something way more foreign than comfortable.

Hopes of Positive Good JuJu sticking around through this adventure into the Puppy Training Unknown ...