Where have YOU found it COOL to take your furbaby shopping / running errands?

Rudy's 1st Trip to Home Depot!

July 8, 2019

Home Depot Sunset Valley 7/06/19


It was a big holiday weekend for our pup Rudy! As of July 4th, he's 5 months old. We celebrated on Saturday, which made 1 week since Rudy came from Austin Pets Alive!  to live w/ us in his furever home. We are all getting more comfortable w/ each other. Especially Rudy when it comes to his potty training. Not even close to mastering it, a slow process, which we all need to have patience. He's also figuring out how to get into and out of things. Saturday, was a big discovery day that included Rudy finding out he can fit through our back patio bars. honey Ted caught him before his patio escape. 

We decided it would be a Great idea to find something that keeps our little escape artist Rudy secure on the patio. Rudy enjoyed his first trip to Home Depot in Sunset Valley! He was really chill, which was expected w/ all his 'Trouble Tude' earlier. He got lots of so Cute & Chill compliments, which he gladly took. honey Ted & I were successful finding something that would keep Rudy from getting in too much 'Trouble' on the patio. We found out before hand that Home Depot welcomes furbabies to shop with you. We wanted to make sure it as Cool. 

Another Home Depot trip could happen soon looking to finding a solution to curb our rental back patio Mosquito Infestation. We want to be able to enjoy the patio w/ out getting eaten up.  Where have you found it's COOL to take your furbaby shopping / running errands in and around the ATX area?  We can create a list together for all to enjoy w/ their furbabies. 

Rudy moping about the new back porch adddition 7/7/19