June 16, 2016

Courtney and the crew from the Austin Humane Society sent me this REMINDER what to do for your Furbabies during a heatwave. The next few days temperatures will be close if not hit 100 degrees, and the heat index up to 105-110 degrees. Hot for us and the same for animals. Did you know light haired dogs should have sunscreen on?Please DO NOT leave your pets in a vehicle. It's way to HOT!Here are a few more things to know when it comes to your pet and the EXTREME HEAT! 


The Austin Humane Society are actively making adjustments to ensure our animals are comfortable and healthy. We’re shortening walks, applying sunscreen on our light haired dogs to protect them from the sun, and taking daily trips to the pool.

We also remind pet owners to keep a close eye on how their animal handles the heat. NEVER LEAVE your pets unattended outside or in a hot vehicle. “The lack of air circulation, humidity and trapped heat cause the temperature in a vehicle to increase rapidly within just a few minutes,” said AHS Chief Veterinarian Dr. Katie Luke, DVM. “If not cooled down appropriately, they can suffer from symptoms of heat stroke, including lethargy, lack of coordination, profuse salivation, organ failure and even death.”

More tips for pet owners during this heat…
-Offer wading pools or give cool baths
-Feed frozen treats
-Keep the water bolw stocked with cool (not iced) water
-Leave animals indoors
-Limit exercise outside
-Avoid pavement and dark surfaces, it’s too hot for paws

The Austin Humane Society is open from noon / 12 pm - 7 pm  Monday through Saturday and 12 pm - 5 p.m. on Sunday. For more information about AHS adoptable animals and programs, please visit or call 512-646-7387.

*Doggie model Huey was  chilling for the photo. He was never locked in the vehicle by himself. In fact, after the photo, he went inside and enjoyed a treat!*