Do You TIP Housekeeping?

How much?

April 19, 2019

KatarzynaBialasiewicz / Getty Images


When you go on vacation or traveling and staying at a hotel , do you TIP Housekeeping? According to this write up only 1/3 of guests tip.  Many times the housekeeper is forgotten. The tips help them big time when the average salary is about $25K a year, depending on the hotel & where it's located. Tipping is appreciated!  

honey Ted & I tip when we stay in a hotel for a few days. The amount depends on how clean the room is, and the towel situation. We normally put the Do Not Disturb Sign up. We keep the room tidy.  Usually change out towels.. We actually had a housekeeper give us some hot chocolate because it was cold & snowy outside. Of course that made the tip go up. 

The standard in this article was $2 each day you stay. We do around $15- $20, even when we have 'DND'  sign up. I guess it's more than the standard suggested, but still much lower than wait staff at restuarants w/ the standard 20%. Click here to check out the article.  How much do you tip?