Hubby's prank on his wife goes VIRAL! Many wondering how did he do it?

What would you do if this happened to you?

August 14, 2020
mihalec Getty Images

mihalec Getty Images


Justin has become a prankster sensation after uploading a video doing a prank stunt to his wife on Tik Tok. She was so worried and panicked about his well-being, her emotional need to help save him took over logic. Thanks to his prankster ways and her reaction, it's gone VIRAL with well over 62 million views in just the first 4 days. After seeing it many wanted to know how he set it all up. He released the entire setup leading into the stunt. His comment "justinflom - she missed it I think I broke her --"  What would you do if your honey pulled a prank stunt like this on you?

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I think I broke her --

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I'm wondering what his wife has planned? Never underestimate a woman's 'Get You Back' Motivation!!!!  Also ... Big You Rocks to her for not doing something else w/ those wire cutters when logic came back. Love kicked in for Justin then!!!