National Hurricane Center released the list of 2019 Hurricane names

See if your name made it?

April 5, 2019

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2019 Hurricane Season kicks off on June 1st through November. The Atlantic Hurricane Season is being predicted as a slightly below average season with 13 named storms. 5 storms are expected to be Hurricane strength with 2 of them making it to 'Major Hurricane Strength' of a Category 3-5 with winds over 111mph. More here!  NO HURRICANES at all would be Awesome. Being a Hurricane Katrina Survivor, I've had enough Hurricane excitement. No more is needed or wanted. 

'Heather' didn't make it. Did your name?

National Hurricane Center's 2019 Hurricane Names

  1. Andrea
  2. Barry
  3. Chantal
  4. Dorian
  5. Erin
  6. Fernand
  7. Gabrielle
  8. Humberto
  9. Imelda
  10. Jerry
  11. Karen
  12. Lorenzo
  13. Melissa
  14. Nestor
  15. Olga
  16. Pablo
  17. Rebekah
  18. Sebastien
  19. Tanya
  20. Van
  21. Wendy

Storms that have been retired:  'Florence' & 'Michael' . Replaced in 2024 w /  'Francine''Milton' 
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