Hurricane Dorian Relief: How to Help!

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September 6, 2019

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Update Monday 9/9/19: #HurricaneDorian took many lives in the Bahamas, and left over 70,000 homeless. This includes furbabies too. The Humane Society of Grand Bahamas had around 300 dogs and 100 cats when Dorian hit. They had been through strong storms & flooding before, so they felt they were safe.Before they knew it the flood waters was chest high, and they didn't have enough time to get all the animals to safety. 220 dogs & 50 cats lost their lives. The staff w/ animals they could save, had to wait out the storm / flood waters in the attic.

"The kennel dogs were still howling and crying. We experienced all of that until they were not even crying anymore,... --"

This would be HORRIBLE! My Heart Hurts reading this. I needed tissues reading this & sharing it w / you. Here are ways you can help the survivors, and the families of the victims. Both people and furbabies...

Hurricane Dorian has been on a long journey starting out as a Category 5 and demolishing many parts of the Bahamas in it's way. it continued it's journey moving extremely close along the Southeastern coast line. Hurricane Dorian, as a Cat 1,  made landfall on Cape Hatteras, North Carolina this morning @ 8:35 am (Friday 9/6) with sustained winds of 90 mph. This is the first landfall Dorian has made in the US. Dorian is expected to continue it's journey moving further away from the US coast and ending up in Canada.  Dorian Track  Updates

Unfortunately, Hurricane Dorian's path has left a Horrific amount of Destruction and loss of lives w/ the high winds, storm surge and flooding in the Bahamas.

It's also created a major amount of damage along the US east coast line. Including the North Caronlina islands / Outer Banks facing historic water levels from Dorian on Ocracoke Island and Hatteras Island. Many are without power. 

Here are ways you can help those in need who have lost. Many have lost everything, including the lives of loved ones, being in the path of Hurricane Dorian. 

Relief for Pets / Dogs/ Cats/ Animals

If you know of other ways to help, send them to