Husband Daycare exists for Shopping Pleasure. Do you vote Yes or No?

A Shopping Win for All!

September 16, 2019

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My Facebook friend Anna turned me on to this story. Hobby Lobby locations have opened 'Husband Daycares'.  Husbands can still go craft shopping, and have other things to keep them occupied while their wives shop. If fact the word is Hobby Lobby's sales have increased big time, because husbands are telling their wives to shop as long as they want. They'll wait for them in Husband Daycare

Here's how Hobby Lobby's Husband Daycare works:

  • Wives check in their husbands for up to three hours. They sign a waiver that they're responsible for any spills or messes their honeys make.
  • #HLHD is fully stocked with beer, pizza, video games, televisions are more..
  • Husbands can play and / or watch games, while their wives shop!
  • Shopping WIN for all!
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  • more 411

Think this would work for you and your honey ... Yes or No? 

Wonder if the wives could sneak in for a little shopping break? -HR