IT: Chapter 2 ... Get Your Scare On!

Even IT2 posters are putting the Scare Out there!

September 6, 2019

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It's finally here ! IT: Chapter 2! It's getting decent reviews, with lots of fans getting their Loser Clubs together to watch it!  Even the posters are scaring folks.  Will you check it out this weekend? 



Are you ready to 'Get Your Scare On' w/ Pennywise's comeback?  YES for me! I'm not scared of clowns. BUT,  if they're like Pennywise ... a Cra Cra, Demon Scary Clown,  YES, I'M SCARED! 

Here are some thingies to know about IT: Chapter 2 from NME

  •  A new movie trailer is out.
  • The movie's screen writer confirms 2 key moments from the original book will be featured in IT: Chapter 2
  • Jessica Chastain says one scene “might have the most blood in horror movie history”.
  • It: Chapter 2 is out on September 6, 2019. Directed by Andy Muschietti 
  • Warner Bros. has released the first teaser poster for It: Chapter Two.
  • It: Chapter Two is the final chapter. There will not be a trilogy.  (or right now there aren't plans for one

Here's the finale trailer to IT: Chapter 2

"After defeating Pennywise in the first chapter, the group agree to return to Derry, Maine should the shape-shifting ghoul ever return to their hometown. IT returns 27 years later (2016) to pick off the next generation of kids in Derry – meaning that the original kids, who are now all grown up, have to stay true to their word and take on It all over again."

IT: Chapter 2 trailer released in May

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