It's Cheese Day! Take the Cheesy Poll! A 5-Tier Wedding Cake made from Cheese Exists! !

Take the Cheese Chowdown!

June 4, 2019

OlgaMiltsova & Proformabooks / Getty Images

It's #CheeseDay!  A favorite of many!  Just about anything tastes yummy and many times even better w/ cheese. Macaroni, Spaghetti, Pizza, French Fries, Tator Tots, Nacho Chips, Tacos ,, the list is endless ...even Chocolate Cheese!  Another fav of mine Chocolate. Of course they would taste yummy together. I know it depends on many factors especially what Cheese you use. According to several lists, the 2 most favored Cheeses by many is Mozzarella & Cheddar!  That's a top 2 I could definitely EAT!  Which one is the MOST FAV for you? Take the Cheese Chowdown Poll! Click here! 


Lots of Cheesy Tidbits

Could you handle a 5-Tier Wedding Cake that's all Cheese?