It's Iced Tea Day w/ specials to grab! Find out where One of the Most Expensive Tea comes from!

Take the Poll ... Sweet or Unsweetened?

June 10, 2019

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Happy Iced Tea Day!   Get the Tea Hook Ups .. specials.. freebies here! 

Here are 3 Tea Tidbits to impress your family & friends during a future trivia night! 

  • Cookbooks from the 19th century show tea served cold to English & Americans. Green Tea Punches were popular w/ liquor.
  • One of the MOST EXPENSIVE TEAS in the World is PANDA DUNG TEA that's made from animal excrement fertilized tea trees. $70,000 PER KILO! 
  • Tea Punches became more fashionable w/ the invention of the Refrigerator

Take the Tea Poll:  Which one does it for you on a HOT DAY?