Five Eco-Friendly Beach Thingies to Have with You!

Make it a Happy Summer for Mama Earth too!

June 24, 2019

Texas Gulf Coast / Corpus Christi


Happy Summer! As you plan for trips to the Gulf Coast of Texas. Keeping 1Things in mind are also helpful when it comes to a Happy Summer. The nicer we are to Mama Earth ...The nicer she plays back. Here are 5 Must - Have Thingies that you can have so everyone is Happy! Be Green Friendly when it comes to products you are using during a Beach Day. 

  1. Sustainable Beach Bag: 'Endless Summer  Little Market Bag' - A large bag that's lightweight and waterproof. This makes it easier for multiple trips to your house / car and preventing damage to those items being carried.
  2. Mineral Sunscreen: Mineral sunscreens physically block the sun’s rays from getting to your skin by using natural minerals, like zinc. According to the Personal Care Products Council mineral sunscreens work as well as chemical sunscreens. Badger is known to have top-notch eco-friendly mineral sunscreens. Many divers and beach goers agree!

  3. Slip-On Shoes: Washable and eco-friendly shoes are perfect to have for walks on the beach and to the car. Made from recylced, single-use plastic bottles, even better.The word is Rothy shoes are the way to go.

  4. Wooden Sunglasses:  Wearing Sustainable Sunglasses is a bonus! Sunglasses made with recycled material and / or biodegradable wood or bamboo is a huge Green plus! A favorite is Woodzee Sunglasses because they have many stylish options. 

  5. Recycled Beach Towel: A towel you could use for many activities from going to the beach /swimming to using it as a yoga mat is especially great! Nomadix makes towels with recycled post-consumer plastic, saving tons of waste from the landfill. Using something along these lines rather than a manufactured one from virgin cotton will help reduce your carbon footprint.

Click here  to check out the items on this list, and how you can grab them to be 1Thing ready for your next trip to the beach!