It's Rescue Dog Day! Show Your Love to Central Texas Furbabies!

Share Your Rescue Furbaby Photos!

May 20, 2019

'lil Puppy at Austin Animal Center May 2019


Happy Rescue Dog Day!  honey Ted and I dropped by the Austin Animal Center during the weekend. AAC have many furbabies who are ready to give big Love and receive it in a furever home.  AAC is set up really nice, and everyone there was friendly and helpful. They take great care of the furbabies, but the goal is to get them in Loving furever homes. AAC is a no - kill shelter, which is wonderful. It needs to stay that way too. It can by spreading the word! Many Furbabies are Ready to Go Home! 

Big You Rocks to those who have rescued a furbaby, and experiencing the Lovin' first hand in your home. Please share your photos and where you rescued your furbaby. #SpreadtheLoveATX

Here are just a few of the many places to find more rescue furbabies in the ATX area: