The Doughnut / Donut Glazed or Cake Battle is ON!

Happy National Doughnut/ Donut Day

November 5, 2018

Did you know there are 2 National  Doughnut / Donut Days in a year? Although any day could be a Doughnut /Donut Day.  There's a Doughnut / Donut Battle going on when it comes to Glazed or Cake Doughtnuts / Donuts. I'm a huge Cake Doughnut / Donut Fan. How about you? Another Doughnut/Donut Battle that pops up is... How do you normally spell it ... Doughtnut or Donut?  For me as it's yummy, that really is all that matters. Especially a Chocolate Cake Doughnut / Donut w/ Chocolate frosting. #MMMMM See if any of your favs made it on this Austin Doughnut Guide.  One of my favorite donuts did NOT make the Austin Doughnut Guide. It's H-E-B's Sour Cream Old Fashioned Cake Doughnut! The glaze w/ it  is a MUST. AMAZING!  There's also a newbie Strawberry one at HEB. Looking for Chocolate ones? honey Ted and I get them at Whole Foods. We've gone in for just 1 Chocolate SCOF Donut. AMAZING TOO! 

Sour Cream Old Fashion Doughnuts / Donuts from H-E-B